Summer Term 2020   Welcome to Coast Education 

Because of the COVID-19 situation and risk management, Coast Education are NOT, at the present time, carrying out face-to-face assessments. 

The services available are limited to specialist tuition and online 'learning needs and profile assessment' for students up to 16. 

Specialist Live 1:1 Zoom Tuition (Key Stages 1-4) (Limited Availability)

For students with diagnosed or suspected dyslexia or dyscalculia. 

  • Enjoyable, fun,  lessons via Zoom with with a specialist tutor.

  • First 30 minutes is free (trial and 'getting to know you!') 

  • Easy to access (you just click on the link you are sent)

  • Resources (word cards, quizzes and games) are sent out to you once a week (to keep).

  • Stickers for a Reward Card are sent out weekly (for a small present once the card is full!)

  • Lessons for Secondary Students can be spread over 90 minutes (30 minutes face-to-face, 30 minutes independent and then 30 minutes).

  • Lessons can cover basics such as  key spelling skills, key word reading skills, phonics up to  GCSE Literature and Language Skills. Some basic skills maths tuition is sometimes available. 

Please complete and return the word forms below (mobile seen at the bottom of the page) if you are interested in tuition. 

Online Assessment of Learning Needs up to age 16. 

This assessment takes place via Zoom. You are sent a link and just click on it. It takes one hour. A parent or adult needs to be present. The assessment is the GL Dyslexia Profile 

Standardised Measures are taken of: 

  • Reading skills

  • Spelling skills

  • Writing rate

  • Underlying cognitive processing skills (verbal/working memory and naming speed linked to dyslexia).

You receive a printed report, expert interpretation, standardised scores (these can be compared to a child's expected levels and scores and can be compared to the peer group). 

This is not a dyslexia assessment, but gives an indication of dyslexic-type difficulties, areas which need support and ways forward at home and school. Please fill in the 'Contact Page' for details. The cost is £195



  • Research shows that approximately 10% of the population have dyslexia to some degree. It can range from mild to severe.