Am I Dyslexic?
Is my child Dyslexic?

Dyslexic individuals present with a range of difficulties. These can include:

  • slow or laboured reading

  • difficulties with spelling

  • slow or inaccurate writing

  • forgetfulness or difficulty following instructions


Sometimes, only one or two symptoms are present. However, there are cognitive weaknesses which research shows are linked to dyslexia. Dyslexia is NOT linked to ability. The symptoms of dyslexia also change with age. Many dyslexic individuals are incredibly resourceful and manage to hide difficulties to some extent. Thus, when school workload increases and difficulties suddenly 'appear', it can be a surprise! Dyslexia can be present in able students, who may achieve at an acceptable level, but be capable of so much more!  


Diagnostic Assessments measure cognitive functions, abilities and achievements. The test results and observations made build up a profile from which an experienced assessor makes a diagnosis. The report will tell you what support they should receive, how to move forwards and what strengths and abilities are. This is really important, as strengths can be used to support progress.