Dyslexia Assessment


The Assessment Process 

1.Download and complete the pre-assessment questionnaire (go to the Forms You Will Need page

Or ask for a paper copy (Just email)

2.Book your assessment online (see the Online Booking Page

3. Return the pre-assessment questionnaire to Coast Education (email, post to the address on the questionnaire, or photographs to 07521005842)

4. Make sure the person being assessed has had a vision test within the six months before the assessment.

5. If your questionnaire responses indicate it is necessary, book an optometry appointment (We will give you advice once we have seen your questionnaire responses). 

6. Send the 'school' part of the pre-assessment questionnaire to school for completion and return this to Coast Education. This can be returned after the assessment, but you will only get a Full Diagnostic Assessment report back after it has been received by us. If the school decline to return it, you will still get your diagnostic report. It just helps to have school information and background.


7.On the morning of the assessment, please check any one attending the assessment DOES NOT HAVE any signs of COVID-19. Please call and cancel immediately if this is the case. The emergency number is 07521005842. Your assessor will cancel if she has signs of COVID-19.  


Your Assessor

Assessments are carried out by Denise A. Hawkes, who is highly experienced. She holds an Assessment Practising Certificate from Patoss. This means that a Full Diagnostic Assessment Diagnosis, if given,  can be used at any age, and does not have to be repeated post-16. Denise has an up-to-date enhanced DBS which can be checked online at request, is fully insured and a registered data controller. All clients are provided with a letter for school (for absence as an 'allowable educational activity'). As Denise has an Assessment Practicing Certificate, assessments can be submitted to educational establishments.


Assessment Information

Dyscalculia and Dyslexia Screening (Ages 7-16 inclusive) (NOT A FORMAL DIAGNOSIS)

These screenings are computer based and take about 1 hour. You will receive a short paper report based on the child's profile. Please check with your child's school before booking a screening as many schools are able to carry this out free of charge. 

Full Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment (ages 7-15 inclusive) (FORMAL DIAGNOSIS)

This is a full diagnostic assessment. It takes approximately three hours, sometimes slightly longer for more complex profiles. A comprehensive report is sent within three weeks. This contains a diagnosis and  extensive recommendations for home and school. All tests are standardised so results can be compared to peers. The Assessment fee is £550, payable in advance or on the day. 

A diagnostic assessment measures three areas:

  • ability (IQ)

  • cognitive functions which are linked to dyslexia (such as phonological processing, working memory)

  • achievement in word reading, text reading, spelling, writing. 

Full Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment for 16+. (FORMAL DIAGNOSIS)

This is similar to a  7-15 assessment but adapted for adult students. It is suitable for Disabled Students' Allowance submission to Student Finance England or the DWP Access to Work scheme. The Fee is £635.

The Dyslexia Portfolio with Ability Test  (INDEX BUT NOT FORMAL DIAGNOSIS)


A  Portfolio assessment takes one and a half hours and gives an excellent indication as to whether  dyslexia is likely to be present. If the results suggest that further assessment would be highly likely to  result in a diagnosis, you can then choose whether or not to proceed to a Full Assessment. Please note that a Portfolio  assessment does not give a formal diagnosis but contains a profile of achievement in some areas of literacy as well as a cognitive profile and ability testing. This enables your child to be placed on a Dyslexia Index. The fee is £195

Access Arrangements Assessment  (Exam Concessions) 

This is for students in Years 9 or 10. Please speak to your child's school before booking this. They must complete part of  Form 8 before the assessment takes place if you wish any appropriate qualifying results to be submitted for Access Arrangements (exam concessions). They must also agree to accept the assessor as an external assessor. Please tell the school that your assessor holds a Patoss APC (Current) and carries out assessments for schools. 

To book, please visit the online booking page. 

Please print and return the documents you need. If you require paper copies, contact

Denise at denise@coast-education.co.uk