Testimonials: a small selection

"I dropped my daughter off for her  assessment and she enjoyed it a lot. We found out she has moderate dyslexia and it is such a relief. The school has been helpful and started putting Denise's recommendations in place. We have started playing some of the games at home she suggested to help 'Sofia' with spellings. Now she looks forward to getting her weekly spelling list and I still can't quite believe it!"

Mr Tomlinson

'As parents we feel Denise has made a huge difference to 'Chloe's' confidence and has helped her find strategies for the future. During SAT's, Denise was able to work on exam strategies and support me negotiating appropriate Access Arrangements.'

Mrs A

' Her lessons are really fun, I wish my lessons at school were as fun!'


"When I had to do writing I got stuck and didn't know where to start. Now I know how to plan writing and I am telling my friends what to do too!" Thanks Denise"

    Matt (Age 11)

DSA Assessment for 20 year old

'The assessment experience:

The process was extremely smooth, clear and easy to understand from setting up the appointment to attending it. My son was made to feel extremely comfortable and although the assessment was long, he came away feeling positive knowing that Denise would do her absolute best to help him. We are very grateful to Denise for her positive support - it is such a refreshing change.

The assessment report:

The report was extremely helpful and identified clearly the issues that needed to be addressed and how to move forward.

The forms provided:

the forms were helpful and Denise went out of her way to provide all the tools needed to apply for the relevant help.''

Mrs C and son.

'Thank you to Mrs C and son for the surprise cakes! I did wonder what I was signing for when the postman arrived with the big white box! Yum!'

  • Research shows that approximately 10% of the population have dyslexia to some degree. It can range from mild to severe.